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Tatyana Murray

Living in New York City for over 20 years, Tatyana never ceases to be mesmerized by the juxtaposition between the peaceful sky and the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle below. The mirrored sky-scrapers scattered across the city reflect these two worlds, blending them together, creating a portal between the two. Through the medium of light, etching, drawing and mixed media she explores this synthesis. She chooses materials and subject matter that oppose each other, for example: Beauty - Danger; Geometric - Organic; Fantasy - Reality; Soft - Hard. What fascinated her is the conversation between these opposing forces, the space where interpretation can breath, shift and address the complexities of life.

In the "LIGHT SERIES", floating images are created by violently scratching and drilling each transparent sheet which is then stacked together. The light source of Led Lights set in the frame create a delicate floating image of refracted light, revealing themselves like veils. Without the light source the image cannot exist.

Her "LIGHT SERIES" works are exhibited at Anemoi Gallery and available for viewing by appointment: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013 02:58

Sandra menant

Sandra Menant is a full time professional artist, who is working from her studio in London.

Through the use of vibrant colours and contrasting textures, she is able to convey emotions and produces highly decorative canvases. Plants and landscapes, especially in tropical settings trigger her imagination and her creativity .

Sandra channels her passion for art into creating atmospheric, vivid paintings of the natural world.

Water is the theme in much of her work: cobalt, aqua, turquoise and azure merge and flow harmoniously to conjure tropical dreamscapes, create intrigue and stir deep emotions.

Texture is intrinsic to her vision: acrylic inks, varnish, crackle paste, gold leaf, metal flake and transparent layers combine into original, innovative compositions.

Much of Sandra’s inspiration comes from travels in Latin America and Madagascar where she has seen how lives can be transformed by sources of clean water.

Sandra donates 10% of the proceeds of her sales to WaterAid, which works in 38 countries to help millions of people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

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Anemoi Art Gallery in collaboration with Aria art gallery and Giorgio Baratti gallery invite you to discover Timelessness: an ongoing exhibition showcasing over five centuries of art, where renaissance masters will stand alongside new, contemporary names.

The exhibition is hosted at no.43 of the illustrious Brook Street.

’The doors of history are open. They take you on a voyage through the creative experience and a beauty that transcends the ages.’ Among the artists exhibited, Bronzino

“Art is the breath of everything that used to be”

“When bread used to be baked at home, often once a week, a part of the dough was always put aside and covered by a wet rag before placing in the chest. That bit of living matter continued to ferment in the darkness and formed the necessary yeast for the following week’s dough. Thus, not only ideally, but also factually, the new loaf contained the DNA of all the bread that was baked before. A germinal and archetypical molecular kin links the present to the past, an element represented as the essential augmentative factor in creating the best result in the latest fresh and daily bread. This food routine, by now lost in the farmers’ houses too, continues to count as a metaphor for art and life. Memory is the yeast base of our present and, in his inexorable decomposition process too, continues to set essential vital incentives for new actions, for new ideas. The awareness of this process could be enough to assert that no piece of art blooms without a bulb, without a root, which keeps it in connection with a genealogy of many other art pieces. Sometimes this genetic heritage is so evident that it becomes similar, in other occasions histological samples are necessary to understand its belongings, but each artist has a mass of fertile generations behind himself and in some way, he has to gain a heritage that is not taken for granted. However, art keeps on living, accompanied by a never- ending nostalgia that has always appeared to us as a lack, as a vacuum, that we rather have to interpret as a feeling of belonging. We belong to a period (not only to a place) which, in its accomplishment, kneads itself with the whole past time. Maybe it is the contemporary energetic fire that bakes and takes bread out of the oven, which stops that millenary process of matter fermentation, securing the dough in a converted substance and marking an ideal point in space and time”.

Massimo Pulini

Between Nothingness and Eternity… “The visible world of forms is just an allegory – a symbolism of invisibility, a mediator of the formlessness, a pure metaphor of your Being. It is through form that the abstract, the invisible expresses itself and becomes meaningful.

Be constantly vigilant and tirelessly alert, because slipping away from the present moment even for a second may be fatal. The reason why many love to practice extreme sports or dangerous activities such as crossing oceans or climbing mountains or running marathons is because it forces them to live in the present. But these experiences, depending on external efforts, will never lead them into a real state of timelessness, of freedom. No one can set you free but yourself. Try to touch the most painful sensation within yourself to realize that all sufferings are unnecessary and that only intentional suffering, that is suffering without suffering, can reveal all the beauty and goodness of your very nature”.

Elio D’Anna From “The Technology of the Dreamer”

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